Uncapped + Xero

Fast, flexible finance to grow your business from £10k - £2m


Our integration with Xero

Connecting your Xero account with Uncapped means you can apply in minutes. We can automatically access the information we need to confirm how much funding you're eligible for. Once your account is set up, you can use the integration to simplify your bookkeeping and track repayments.


Your funding offer
in 24 hours


Flat 6% fee. No dilution
or personal guarantees.


Repay only when you get paid.
No fixed timelines.

How it works


Start by connecting

Connect your Xero account to our revenue prediction engine


Select your offer

Access up to £2 million. Select the repayment rate that's right for your business needs


Payback as sales grow

A small % is deducted from each new sale until your balance is repaid

Uncapped + Xero FAQs

Why connect with Xero?

Connecting Xero allows you to verify your trading history and get the most funding possible. To save time on bookkeeping, you’ll also have the option to add details of your repayments to Xero automatically.

What is the data used for?

We’ll analyse it along with the other data from your sales and marketing accounts to make a decision within 24 hours. We’ll also use this data to make on-going decisions, such as offering you additional capital.

Is it secure?

We protect your data with bank-level encryption. Data is secured in rest and transit, access is restricted to only employees who need it, and we maintain the highest security standards and certifications.

What if I want to remove my data?

You can do this at any time from your Uncapped account or directly from Xero. However, if you have an outstanding balance it is a requirement that you maintain an active connection.

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